Mission Statement

The mission of the Southport ABC Board and our employees shall be to serve the citizens of Southport responsibly by controlling the sale of spirituous liquor and promoting customer-friendly, modern, and efficient stores (GS 18B-700).


You have entered into the Official Website of the Southport Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Here you will learn about the Southport ABC Board and find information on products and services regarding the sale of spirituous liquors in Southport.

The Southport ABC Board serves the citizens of Southport by providing a pleasant shopping experience for our customers while at the same time controlling the sale of spirituous liquor and enforcing the laws and rules of North Carolina. The Southport ABC Board has a zero tolerance attitude for the purchase of spirituous liquor by underage persons and we strive to provide our employees with the training to keep spirituous liquor out of the hands of underage persons.

In addition, we provide a service to the citizens of Southport by controlling the sale of spirituous liquor while simultaneously generating revenue for our local governments. The Southport ABC Board is self-sufficient and a separate entity of the City of Southport.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our website and that your shopping experience in the Southport ABC store is a pleasant one. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please click here to contact us.

Board Members
Robert A Jones
Harold Todd Dunn
General Manager
Harold T Spencer
William A. Davis